So what is E-Design? You’ve been seeing that word a lot lately but not sure what the heck it means!

Well, E-Design is one of the most innovative and affordable approach for hiring and working with an Interior Designer. To sum things up, it's a unintimidating Online Virtual Decorating | Design Service.

Living a busy life while raising four children of my own I can relate to the words time and budget! That having been said, I’ve created affordable personalized eDesign packages with flat rate pricing that’s unique from concept to implementation. Giving you the ability and convenience of working with me from home despite where you live.

This process is focused more towards creating step by step custom designs. Having a design plan narrowed down within a few weeks. All of our communication is either done by Client Portal, Pinterest, email or Video Chat (depending on package) which allows you to have more flexibility in your schedule for friends & family.


Who is E-Design For?

Many of my clients have been Modern day Mom’s with active lifestyles, DIYer’s & Empty nesters like myself who are more time & budget conscious than ever before!

Hiring an Interior Designer can help balance your life & schedule while juggling a career or balancing family and children activities.

I strive to take the stress off of you by handling all the creative design content work that allows you to receive all Interior Design services from the comfort of your home! I save you time and money with my online platform by creating unique design style personal to you.


The Way It Works

step one:

Before any design service process begins

Payment is required in the full amount before any eDesign process begins. 

Payment Options

  • Square

  • Zelle

  • Paypal Invoice

Depending on which package you have chosen, the process can take up to one to two weeks for completion.


Choose Your Package

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Once payment is received, I will email you my Identity Questionnaire which covers everything from design style, color and fabric preferences to a realistic budget.

Be as descriptive as possible so I can get a good sense of your personality and design style, to create a design you will love.


step two:

Your assignment


After I have received the Identity Questionnaire, your assignment begins!

First take plenty of good bright & clear pictures or video of every wall. Sketch of the overall room including; overall measurements of windows, doors, outlets, light switches, and vent placements. Measurements of any existing furniture items you want to work into the new design.

Whew! I know that seems like a lot, this may require a second person to help assist you to speed up the process! Now, for the last part to your assignment I’ll need for you to upload everything to me! And that’s it, your all done! Great job!!


step three:

the design process begins


Now the fun starts!! Within 5 business days, you will receive an invitation to a secret Pinterest Board where we will collaborate on the project. We must follow each other to do this. If you do not follow the board then you will not be able to like or comment on the pieces. Pinterest is a great way for us to comment back and fourth from any device.

You will also receive a link and password to your Client Portal having 24 hour access exclusively for the project.

Depending on your package, I'll create for you a visual ideal spacial design that can include:

  • Secret Pinterest Board

  • Concept Mood Board | creating for you two options to make sure we are vibing

  • Floor Plan of Furniture Layout with two options

  • 3 Dimensional Room Render | if needed - one complimentary revision

  • Do-it-yourself Styling Instructions

  • Shopping List | Your able to click and order products on your own - handle any returns or exchanges.

  • I do recommend that you hire a licensed electrician, etc.

    You will receive your Design Package within 7 business days of me receiving your feedback from the Concept Mood Board.

  • Some packages do not include a floor plan or 3D room render these can be add-ons. For Full Service package I offer a post design 30 minute video chat to help as you are hanging artwork, styling or to address any remaining questions to help you finish the space.


The benefits to this

  • Work at your own pace from the information package that you'll receive.

  • Convenience and flexibility of designing right from your own home!

Most importantly, my purpose has always been to create an enjoyable, and uncomplicated way for you to transform your home into a uniquely designed space you love!