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Price per room. Not including open concept spaces. Dining & living room areas are priced separately.

Contact me for multiple room package pricing.

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Designing space’s uniquely tailored to your lifestyle no matter your location!

“An Interior is the natural projection of the soul” | CoCo Chanel

Design process

The Design Process Typically Takes 2 Weeks

You will receive:

  • Personal Portal with 24 hour access to your Design Project

  • Pinterest Board Collaboration

  • Concept Mood Board

  • 2D Floor Plan

  • 3D Room Render

  • Itemized Shopping Guide

  • Detailed Furniture & Home Decor Placement Instructions

  • 30 minute video chat for questions with finalizing your space


Phase One: Personal Pinterest Board

You will also receive an invite to a secret Pinterest Board exclusively created for the project. We must follow each other to do this. If you do not follow the board then you will not be able to like or comment on the selected pieces.


Phase Two: Concept Mood Board

I will create 1 Mood Board full of product ideas for the design within 5 business days of receiving the project information.

We will discuss your likes and dislikes of each piece on the Mood Board. I will send alternative options (up to 3 new options per item if necessary). With the Personal Portal you will be able to view your project at anytime. Once completed, signed approval will be needed to continue on to next phase.

Concept Mood Board


Phase Three: Floor Plan | Furniture Layout

I will send you 2 Furniture Layouts options for you to choose from. Once you're Happy and approve the room layout we will move on to the last phase of the project.

Floor Plan | Furniture Layout


Phase Four: Visual Render

This is the final phase of the project! I love this phase, it gives us both the opportunity to visually see your space! Finalizes everything that we have agreed upon giving you a photorealistic presentation of your space.

Completed Render


Shopping | Installment Guide

This will include step-by-step instructions with ordering and setup installments. I highly recommended that with any electrical installments that you hire a licensed contractor.

Please contact me for Paypal payments I will send you an invoice.