Imaginative, Innovative, Strong Willed, Leader & Strategic Thinker, Modern, Practical, and Organized


You are someone who enjoys exploring the interworking of modern technology and the construction of good design and functionality. You are warm and aim to bring comfort to those around you. Practical yet modern! A modern look is perfect for your Analyst’s no nonsense way of seeing things.

Your home decor should be practical yet modern! Sleek & Simple countertops, clean edges, lines and curves will give your style a distinctive look. Neutral colors and organized decor are perfect for your sensible yet innovative eye. Playing around with accessories such as lamps or appliances will show more of your imaginative side!


The Industrial Style has a similar approach, but with a neutral raw look that is striking and edgy. Features of exposed brick wall, steel, and wooden elements, the style of industrial and old-world feel. Statement lights are often a feature of industrial interiors and are particularly important for softening an otherwise could space. Let your color palette be guided by the raw materials used for a truly authentic industrial look.