Spontaneous, Passionate, Bold, Adventurer, Living On The Edge, and Energetic


You enjoy the simple pleasures of life. You hold to strong personal values, and never being confined by arbitrary rules. Being unconventional is a way of expressing oneself. You value detail, imperfection, individuality and uniqueness.

Combining carefully selected elements in the most fitting pairing, being mindful of balance and proportion. Grid based designs slightly breaking the grid making for an intriguing and attention-grabbing alteration that’s edgy and interesting.

You encompass an appreciation for things of true quality. Rich textures, luxe fabrics, neutral colors, clean lines, and a mastery of design and craftsmanship with functionality in all things.


The Scandi side loves the use of natural materials, pale colors, plenty of texture, and minimalist shapes!

In your home you value space above all. Allowing you to retreat to a calm and serene space after a long day.